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Artisan Provender specialises in representing unique, artisan food. At food tastings in and across London, Artisan Provender can provide a unique, personable service for your product.  We engage with customers, providing them with educational information about your product. 

Knowledgable and friendly, our ambassadors will provide the best quality in selling your product.

We are available for a range of tasting events - to upsell & keep your customers happy with instore tastings, at food festivals, markets, pop up and many other food events. We are proven to make sales at these events and with four years specialising in food.  retail and 11 years in the food industry, we know how to get your product into both the mouths and minds of Londoners. 

We would love to represent you, please get in touch to talk to plan and arrange. 

Photo: a recent tasting in Selfridges, London.

Photo: a recent tasting in Selfridges, London.

We can always count on Artisan Provender to represent The Foraging Fox at in-store tastings, trade shows and events across the UK and speak to customers with boundless energy, knowledge and professionalism.
— Frankie Fox Founder of The Foraging Fox Ltd