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What We Do

We are ready to help strengthen your accounts and increase your sales. It's time to get consumers talking about your product in London and beyond.

What We Do

Are you a small-scale artisan producer of delicious food or drink?

Would you like assistance with your instore tastings and representation at events, trade and consumer shows?

Artisan Provender was founded in 2013 to help producers maintain and strengthen your accounts - we help you to increase your sales and get consumers talking about your product in London and beyond. 

We are passionate ambassadors of the UK’s fabulous artisan fare, and we have the experience to turn that passion into sales. We want to see your great food or drink where it belongs - on the lips and minds of our capital’s most discerning consumers. 

How do we help?

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London’s food scene is changing faster than ever before. Finding - and keeping- your market takes a lot more than a phone call and an email.  Whether your customers are deli's or top food halls, we understand that each and every one of them is important and demands your attention.

Our ambassadors can do tastings for you. Freeing up your time to crack on with developing your business in other ways. Talking passionately and with integrity about your product to consumers, to foodhall managers, buyers and staff is what our ambassadors do best. We can represent you at events, tastings & do customer staff training for you. We always ensure you are provided with valuable feedback. We take the hard work out of promoting & up-selling your product with integrity and gusto!

When you join the Artisan Provender portfolio of producers, you'll be among top producers...Tregothnan tea, Uig Lodge, South Devon Chilli Farm, Wattmuff & Beckett, Salcombe Dairy, Formans, Foraging Fox. 


Are you ready? 

To benefit from our services, you need to be supplying foodhalls or deli's where we can hold your instore tastings.  

We work exclusively with small-scale artisan producers, particularly farm or family-run enterprises, who have a genuine desire and capacity to manage and grow their retail accounts in London.


Join our Portfolio

If you’re ready to get started, first we want to know everything there is to know about you, your produce and what makes it special. We’d prefer to do this in person, but an introductory phone call is a great start too. 

Planning to produce, or getting ready to sell and need solid advice?

Try our Consultancy service