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Practical, commercial advice and support for small-scale artisan producers. Guidance and inspiration for chefs and traders who want to be part of the artisan movement.   


Charlie Hanks, Founder:

“I founded Artisan Provender in 2013 with over 8 years’ contemporary experience of working with chefs and trade professionals in London - selling premium foods, representing brands at events and generating interest in specialist foods. I’ve learned what matters to chefs and food-buyers, and I understand the challenges that can hold our nation’s finest artisans back.

Now I’m using my experience to support the artisan movement in every way I can.

I provide honest, proactive advice to start-up producers to help them recognise and develop opportunities in London, and plan their route to market.

I also talk to chefs, retailers and other food trade businesses who are keen to discover the UK’s finest artisan produce, and make the most of its rising popularity.”


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